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A Few Dollars More For More Followers

A Few Dollars More For More Followers

Here is a magnificent seven for you to take home with you tonight. It’s not going to cost you a single fava bean and it could very well help you to make a few dollars more from the effective use of your chosen platform, administered with the kind permission of the Instagram team of engineers and innovators, modern gunslingers of the 21st century, all with law-abiding shooting targets in mind. Here are seven tips for seven million (or are there more?) users to pack in the back of their carts.

The first serious question – how do you buy Instagram followers – is quickly addressed by identifying a quality vendor selling real Instagram followers. And then there’s the next clean half a dozen in the form of using Instagram’s layout tools, using links, sharing, interacting with followers and locating new followers among localized markets. Finally, there’s the matter of proper planning, something which always seems to help successful entrepreneurs and literary propagators.

Instagram has a Layout app you can use for the creation of good platform montages. This is a must have tool if you are thinking along the lines of a step by step guide to demonstrate your product, service or skills and talents.

No matter what demonstration you are giving, always make sure that there’s a landing page in place that leads your followers to your main business or professional website. This is where the meat and bones of your work is located, and this is where you want your future clients to land. Perhaps a good question to be asking at this time. Will the day come when the Instagram platform can serve as your main site, pretty much in the way that WordPress has done?

Surely it is only a matter of time. Even so, the tools are functional enough to allow you to be inventive enough in your practice. It is left to your devices to maneuver or manipulate your viewers and followers accordingly. Linking could have been a tad tricky in some areas, your bio page, for instance, but no. You can use a tool like Linktree to help you create a link within your profile space that leads your followers to where you would like them to go.

Always remember to interact with your followers and be engaging as you can be. Always keep business associates or related professions/professionals in the loop about what you are doing or hoping to achieve. Leave space on your platform for regular dialogue or comments/feedback. This, of course, is going to remain dependent on the nature of your enterprise. Speaking of engagement, you will surely want to know what your loyal followers feel about you and your progress.

Perhaps it is human nature, but not everyone comes forward. The onus is on you to request feedback from them. You can make things easier and pleasant for them by creating a functional Q & A sheet that they wouldn’t mind ticking off in one go.

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