Welcome to the Penn-York Chapter of the SCTE. Our chapter is in the process of reshaping our outreach to our membership. Penn-York covers a large geographic region in Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Our large service area makes in person technical training difficult. We are planning on launching a new technical training process using Internet Conferencing for our training sessions. This will allow operations managers to include their frontline staff in the SCTE training sessions and save valuable time and money by having the ability to host these sessions at their own facilities. Penn-York will work with vendors, other SCTE chapters and trainers to assist its members with custom tailored training that suits the needs of any member or non-members.

We are here to help you to fulfill the mission of the SCTE and provide technical training leadership for the telecommunications industry and serve our members through excellence in professional development, standards, certification and information. We are in the process of developing a calendar of events for 2016. In the meantime please feel free to contact us at tfreeman@brctv.com for more information.



Penn-York Chapter of the SCTE
PO Box 33
Mansfield, PA  16933